How Youtube Changed The World

When we sing the Fox song or dance to Gangnam Style, we never really think of how they got popular. All because of youtube, they were the top songs a few years back. The artists who made the video was a nobody and now, they are billionaires. Now, Dude Perfect is popular. They were ordinary collage students looking for a job and now their lives have been flipped upside down.

Most of all, youtube raises

awareness. In the video KONY 2012 over 30 million people watched the video in one day. Thats 347 views per second. A man that wasnt famous is now well known by millions of people and now the war with Kony is almost over. Also the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge brought in over $115 million dollars thanks to Youtube.



What is Dude Perfect

Yoututbe pays 1 cent for every 2 views. That is $5 for 1000 views, $10 for 2000 $100 for 20000 views and for 1000000 views, you get $5000. Many youtubers get millions of views which leads to a very good job.

Now, youtube is used as a learning tool. Everyday, people use youtube to learn things. People may use youtube to have a better shot in hockey, be better in Minecraft or even learn something in math. Youtube is a potential learning tool and is very productive.


Dude Perfect


In 2009 Justin Bieber was put on Youtube. Days later Ellen DeGenerous wanted him on her show and now he is the most popular person in the world.


Justin Bieber

Dude Perfect

When a person says the word youtube, what do you think of? Most people think of watching cool videos or “learning” new things, but what most people don’t think about is the positive effect that youtube has on the world. Youtube is viewed 3 billion times a day which is almost half of the worlds population.


Dude Perfect made a small video in their backyard and decided to put it on youtube. Within a week they had millions of views. Now, they get payed to go around and preform trick shots, earning millions of dollars per episode. Thanks to youtube, people like dude perfect who did not have the financial edge, now have a job and are excelling at life.

Dude Perfect is a bunch of guys who started in their backyard doing trick shots and now they are multi millionaires and get sposered to do insane trick shots. They have a panda mascot and have comedy videos called stereo types. In every stereotypes there is a character called the rage monster.

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